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B.A. in Dance; Over 20 Years of Professional Fitness Experience.

Discover a New Career Opportunity to teach the hottest new Cardio Dance Fitness Cultural Arts Wellness Program! ​ Learn to teach a diverse repertoire of African, Caribbean, and World Beat Dance Styles to a variety of Musical Rhythms from Around the World & throughout the African Diaspora.

Afro-Caribbean Grooves Fitness is a physical, mental, and spiritual wellness arts program combining Afro-Beats, Afro-House, Traditional African Dance, Dance Hall, Dunham Technique, Reggae, Salsa, Samba, and Soca dance moves and music.​This program helps students build self confidence, mental wellness, leadership skills, culture, community, and job opportunities.We offer Elite Education and Certificate Training Programs that provide hands-on training to help students become Fitness Professionals in the Dance and Fitness Industry.​Our goal is to increase career and job opportunities for participants by providing them with extensive knowledge on what is required to become a successful Fitness Professional Entrepreneur.

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